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What you’re about to learn may seem totally contrary to what many well known self help “gurus” have told you for years! But it’s all based on solid scientific research!

As a success-seeker, you’ve have probably already read many success-oriented books, and likely also have a collection or two of success CDs.

Here’s something you need to know: If you have not yet achieved your goal, YOU are not a failure. It’s the books and CDs that have failed you. Here’s why:

Becoming a success by reading “about” success is like trying to learn how to swim by reading a book “about” swimming. Such theory is just that – theory!

We now know from quantum science and modern neuroscience that we truly DO create our own reality with our thoughts. But just how does this work, you might wonder?

Let’s take a look…

Thoughts Have Physical Reality

Quantum physics has clearly established that everything is basically energy in motion. Your automobile, the walls of your office, your desk, the clothing on your body, your computer – everything is simply energy on the most basic level.

Thought is an interesting phenomenon, and is the same energy in motion. You can compare your thoughts to the sparks rising from a campfire. For although your thoughts contain the essence and potential power of the fire – they exist only briefly, then simply dissipate.

Because a thought lasts only a few second, you may think that a single thought has little power. But here’s where the power of mental focus and repetition enter in: A thought that is repeated with intense focus becomes concentrated mental power – just as sunlight can create fire when focused through a magnifying glass.

The more often a focused thought is repeated, the more energy and power it generates. This is not theory – it’s based on the fact that such a thought creates thousands of new neural connections in the brain.

The Brain Electric

Your brain is basically an electrochemical organ. It uses tiny electrical impulses (brainwaves) to produce and express your mental experiences.

The electrical energy produced by your neurons (brain cells) travels in waves of “on-off” electrical energy. These tiny electrical waves are known as brainwaves.

Some amazing things occur if you learn to control your brainwaves. You can learn to actually create the mental patterns of such super-achievers as self-made millionaires and top competitive athletes and performers.

Build a Super-Achieving Mind

Can YOU actually learn to produce the exact thoughts and physical mental patterns of super-achievers like self-made millionaires or top athletes?

YES! Absolutely!

But you cannot learn this by reading books “about” being a super-achiever or self-made millionaire… or by listening to the superficial “narrow band” type of brainwave training so common in the CD’s being sold online today. That would be like trying to move a mountain with a spoon.

Training your brain to hold super-achiever brainwaves can be compared to remodeling a house. It is best achieved using a planned logical strategy that requires a certain period of time.

The Quantum Mind is a revolutionary new approach to installing the actual brainwaves and thoughts of a super-achiever straight into your brain in the next 90 days … in the comfort of your own home … and on your own time!

animatedAnd this is NOT theory – it is based on 35 years of clinical mind training experience, the latest findings of modern neuroscience, and a radically successful 300+ person beta test. Build Your MindPower!



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