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About the HotBrainz™ MindPower Program.

Tired of falling short of your goals? Here’s a brain-smart, proven-effective answer that will get you there…fast!

The HotBrainz™ MindPower Program is a unique mind power training program. The program is specifically designed to help you develop the actual mental configuration found in the physical brains of actual super-achievers such as self-made millionaires and elite athletes.

The program is NOT just one of those “advice-focused” program that tells you what you “should” be doing, then just expects you to be able to actually do it!

It is a clinically developed and science-based professional-level training program plus a steady stream of highly motivational email.

What Does it Include?

The HotBrainz™ Mind Power Program is a complete professional-level mind power training program. The program includes:

  • State-of-the-art engineered brainwave training developed by a world renown pioneer mind power trainer — Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler.
  • A unique series of lessons to support you in getting the best possible benefits from your mind power training.
  • Additional free time in the online Training Center at the end of the 1 year program, to make sure you get full benefits.

What is the Program Goal?

The online program is designed to teach you to hold the specific brainwave configuration of super-achievers like self-made millionaires and top competitive athletes and executives in your own brain

It’s important to realize that this is NOT theory. The program is based on +35 years of professional clinical experience, plus a major +300-person beta test.

How Does it Work?

Once you sign up you will have immediate access to the online Training Center, including audios and videos designed to enhance your understanding of how your brain functions.

The Online Training Center

The online portion of your training is presented in the HotBrainz™ Online Professional Training Center. The center contains a series of twelve unique 1-week mind power trainings and lessons.

  • Each weekly training includes:
  • An exciting educational presentation,
  • Weekly and daily assignments,
  • Special audios and videos, and
  • Professionally-engineered brainwave trainings and special exercises.

This professional mind power training isn’t available anywhere else … from any book or set of CDs, or from any other source in the world … at ANY price! It is totally unique!

How Do I Know it Works?

There’s no question about whether the program does or doesn’t “work.” It has been beta tested, and is based on 35 years of unique professional experience and expertise by internationally renown brain/mind researcher – Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

The online program is build around sequential training sessions specifically designed to train your brain to re-create the exact combined brainwave configurations found in the brains of real millionaires, top artists and inventors, world-class athletes, successful entrepreneurs and top executives.

The End Result

Your entire reality is created and maintained in your amazing 3-pound brain. It is the ultimate source of success!

You are going to learn how to literally become your own “biofeedback machine.” The special skills and insights you will learn will put you in total control of your body and mind.

hghbrainThe value of this extraordinary training cannot be overemphasized. This insights and mental power you will gain are unlike anything you have ever experienced! Be sure to download your copy of “Supercharge Your Brain” from your first lesson. To get started, just Click here!


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